TikTok can be a small business gamechanger and I’m proof

- March 25, 2024 3 MIN READ
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“TikTok is for young people …TikTok is for lip-syncing and dancing… TikTok is not for ‘serious’ brands… TikTok is a fad!”


If you had asked me about TikTok just 10 months ago, I would have probably echoed these sentiments, says Madelene Ragno, Owner & Head Strategist of MADE. Marketing

However, as of the beginning of 2024, my perspective has shifted. TikTok has not only changed my life but has also transformed my agency in ways I never imagined possible. In just a few months, it has nearly tripled my monthly turnover, brought in high-quality clients, and led to paid deals with brands like Showpo, Later, and even Google reaching out. Recently, it has paved the way for me to launch my own online news show, “The Ecomm Insider,” in collaboration with Ticker News.

So, let me tell you; TikTok is definitely not for young people, I’ve never danced, we’re a serious brand and TikTok is not a fad!

Don’t get left behind; join TikTok

The difference between TikTok and any other social media channel comes down to the algorithm. It’s been brilliantly built to serve you content that you’re most interested in. But for businesses, it serves an even better purpose. TikTok will push your content out to the ‘for you page’ first rather than your followers. This means your content is more likely than any other social app to be shown to audiences who are genuinely interested in what you’re creating.

Also, unlike other channels, TikTok is a personal app, what does this mean? Rather than showing your business as a business, users want to see the ‘person’ or ‘people’ behind the brand – they want to follow the faces rather than the brand itself.

This means personal branding is key to having success on the channel. When I first started my TikTok journey I tested so many different styles of content; lip-syncing… flop, funny… flop, high-production… flop.

Educational with a hint of entertainment… winning! Now, I am not saying don’t try these other strategies, but I have found across my account and many others whom I have consulted with that TikTok users come to the platform to be entertained or educated.

Showcase your expertise

As a small business owner, this should be so simple for you to execute. Having a business means you’re an expert in a specific niche. For example, my client who creates manuka honey skincare – she has worked with universities across Australia to research the power of honey. So, when she came to me wanting to grow her channel we knew this was a pillar she should be talking about. But how can we go deeper than this?

This owner is a nurse, so we discussed not only discussing manuka honey (because that could get pretty boring) but how she could incorporate her expertise as a nurse to discuss topics related to skin health.

Now take your business, how can you educate your audience on your industry? Could it be overcoming misconceptions, ingredients in your products, how a service works, handling objections through demonstrations, talking about the ‘symptoms’ people may have?

This is all great top of funnel content, which should be your main use for TikTok, remember the algorithm is showing your content to the masses so we need this style of content to appeal to a broad audience. Now to your middle of funnel content; this is where you can start to incorporate UGC (user generated content) or EGC (employee generated content), results or even your brand story works well here. This style of content is really about building trust and social proof.

Where do you fit?

The last success piece to TikTok is about finding your personal niche. I am not talking about an industry, I mean how will YOU be identifiable on the app. My success came from the start of every video an employee saying ‘hey Maddi [insert question]’ then I’d share a tip or even my screen. This became my signature. I’ve had clients wear something specific, or film each video in the same spot or hold something in their hand. If you keep this consistent users will recognise this trait as your business.

TikTok is a channel where you want to position yourself as the expert in your space. By speaking about your niche and educating your audience, you will naturally build trust with users. Trust and thought leadership organically builds demand for your business, by building a personal brand people can relate to on the platform you will naturally grow your business without having to even purposely sell your product or service.

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