Tips for getting media coverage

- February 1, 2009 < 1 MIN READ

At Flying Solo, we get some valuable media coverage. Not only is this great for our brand, it makes us smile a lot! Here are some tips from our approach to the media that may help you with yours.

Firstly, we start by getting ourselves really excited.

If Sam, Peter and I cannot get jazzed up by a story angle we drag it into the trash quick-smart.

We always remember it’s not about what’s wonderful for us, it’s what makes for interesting reading.

Promotional puff is a waste of time and journos hate it.

Our recent media coverage wins follow a news release that outlines a particular characteristic of our forum, that being the astonishing way in which businesses are helping each other, sharing their tips and learnings.

Imagine that. While the pointy end of town hide under their desks and contemplate a diet of bread and water, the soloist community roll up their sleeves and get stuck into supporting their compatriots.

Good news at a time of mass gloom. Priceless.

At the time of writing, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Daily Telegraph have all covered the story and forum traffic continues to go nuts.

Want more articles like this? Check out the Public relations, PR section.

Next up, we make sure we can back up and expand everything we say and we make ourselves easily available.

Journalists and editors are bright, savvy people (many are soloists as it happens), working to a deadline and they don’t want to chase or search too hard. They simply do not have the time.

Emails and phone calls from the media are actioned immediately and if we can’t help with a query we always on-refer.

I suggest that in times like these, good news stories have a great chance of getting media coverage.

So what’s your story? Let’s hear some media coverage angles.

Incidentally, I interviewed media expert, Valerie Khoo on the topic of getting the attention of the media, you can watch our short video interview here.

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