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Uniqueness: Your website’s secret weapon

- October 24, 2010 2 MIN READ

Your website has one weapon to rule them all. In this article, find out how you can use your uniqueness to wield it to achieve the most powerful results.

And the weapon is… YOU!

At Flying Solo Live! I gave a presentation about how to turn browsers into buyers with powerful website copy. One of my core messages related to the importance of celebrating your own uniqueness.

What makes you so powerful?

The one thing your competitors can never have is you. They might have a flashier website, bigger office and enormous marketing budget, but they can never replicate your uniqueness.

Your business fingerprint is made up of your life experiences, professional expertise and brilliant personality; all of which can literally reach into the hearts and minds of your potential customers and inspire them to do business with you.

How to wield this powerful weapon

About page

Your About page is where you can really let your uniqueness shine. For example, if you walk dogs for a living, write something about the dogs you’ve owned and why you love dogs so much.

Include a photograph of yourself hugging your own dogs or your clients’ dogs. Other dog lovers will connect with this far more than with copy saying ‘At Deklan’s Dog Walking we pride ourselves on excellent customer service’.

Want more articles like this? Check out the website content section.


Encourage testimonial-givers to write about you, rather than just your business.

Which of the following testimonials work better?

‘Deklan’s Dog Walking is ideal for anyone requiring dog walking services’.

Or this one?

‘Deklan has a natural gift with dogs, they just absolutely love him. When Deklan comes to the door my dogs suffer near-concussion from all the jumping. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my dogs, and I’ve recommended Deklan to all my family and friends’.

First person

If you feel it’s appropriate, consider writing in the first person rather than the third person throughout your website copy. For example, rather than writing ‘Deklan turns up on time,’ infuse a bit of personality into your web copy and write, ‘I am as eager to go for a walk as your dog is, that’s why I turn up on time and with a smile!’

Remember, YOU are amazing

Although you may not always believe it, you are amazing.

You had the guts and entrepreneurship to take a running leap off a high ledge and fly solo, and you have the tenacity to keep yourself airborne through all types of weather conditions.

Your journey is inspirational, and if you want people to join your flight, then let them get to know their pilot, really well.

Do you agree that uniqueness is a powerful weapon for soloists? How have you put yours to good use?

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