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[Video] Meet Catherine Cervasio, Founder of AROMABABY Natural Skincare

- August 2, 2018 2 MIN READ

We are so pleased to have Catherine Cervasio as a keynote speaker at Flying Solo LIVE, sharing her story, tips and ideas. Join us in Melbourne on 27 August 2018

When Catherine first launched Aromababy, the reception was amazing. As a new mother herself, she was spurred on by feedback from other parents on how the products had helped them with problems such as nappy rash and eczema when they were at their wits end. “In my own little way I am actually making a difference,” said Catherine.

Catherine has been running her business for over two decades and although it has been very successful, things haven’t always been smooth sailing. “There’s been numerous challenges but I’m a pretty positive person and try to look at them all as a learning experience even when it’s really tough.”

One of Catherine’s highlights was winning her first big contract. It was a multi-million dollar deal with a South Korean business partner and it made her realise the way she did business was going to change forever. “When they left I was just jumping up and down in the office with my one staff member,” says Catherine.

“I’ve had the flexibility and the enjoyment of working around watching two beautiful children grow up”

Catherine has a long list of achievements, but her real joy was being able to balance her work while raising her two boys, Beau and Jacob-Thomas.

Watch Catherine’s story here:

Another highlight in her business journey was when she gifted a hamper of her products to John Travolta who shared them with his wife, Kelly Preston. Kelly not only loved the products, but she took the time to write a thank you note to Catherine.

Catherine will be sharing more of her story, and plenty of business tips and advice at Flying Solo Live in Melbourne on 27 August 2018!

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