Want to know the real secret to productivity?

- July 13, 2017 2 MIN READ

Being a soloist doesn’t mean working yourself to the bone. Sometimes the best ideas and decisions arrive after a perfectly timed rest.

It might seem counterintuitive but taking a break from work makes you more productive.

Be it the short break over a cuppa which is clearly a regular pursuit for many passionate tea drinking soloists, like Rachel Morley, who replied to this illustration on our Facebook page: “Nothing offends me more than a tea bag on the side of a cup of lukewarm water!!”

Longer breaks come highly recommended by our members in this forum thread. On the cusp of deadline, composer @3dgraphicswhiz wanted help finding relaxing ideas that would also help build momentum when he returned to complete his work. Our Flying Solo members chimed in with lots of terrific suggestions ranging from meditation, to exercise and even doing chores, a suggestion I can certainly relate to.

What’s your favourite method of escape? Post your reply in the comments section or directly on our Facebook page.

More important than the length of your break from work is the ability to recognise when you need to take one.  As Kate Toon told Robert during her podcast interview this week it’s the “dark days” that remind her to step away from work for awhile.

Once you’ve taken a break and it’s time to get back on the horse, consider casting your invigorated eye across your business and ask yourself: what could I be doing better?

Annette Densham recommends stripping back to business basics. In her excellent post for Flying Solo this week she said we should focus on the look and feel of our business profiles and by extension, our clients:

“I remained focused on what I am good at so I could deliver what I promised…Taking the time to truly get to know my audience has been a game changer – I fill workshops, I sell books, I secure deals for clients– because I know what they want and how to help them”

Simplifying work processes was also a key message of Vanessa Emilio’s terrific column this week that encouraged us to get a phone line attached to our business.  Among her clear and concise advice was this pearl of wisdom:

Use the feedback to guide your business: When people get in touch they are typically forthcoming about why they are considering purchasing from you…this feedback is vital, particularly in the early stages of growing your online business. You may be surprised at the free ideas and advice you’ll get, especially if you are open to change.”

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Are you getting enough from your working breaks? Imagine you had 30 minutes to yourself right now, how would you spend it? After a long night up with a baby, today I’d jump at the chance to take a nap and enjoy the lingering benefits of a bit of extra sleep. I look forward to hearing your ideas in the comments below.