Wealth attraction: Using mindset mastery

- February 16, 2009 2 MIN READ
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There has been an abundance of literature on the subject of mindset mastery for wealth attraction, but before you start rolling your eyes why not put the ‘woo woo’ to the test? Join in for fun and if you are serious about cranking up the revenue.

Here’s some practical wealth attraction strategies to get your cash register ringing:

1. Auto-suggestion

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and grow rich, has along with other illustrious business leaders espoused the virtue of auto-suggestion for reframing your mindset. This mindset mastery is deliberate repetition of affirmations and your vision to create an ingrained expectation of success.

Write out your vision in present tense, with plenty of sensory rich descriptions and read it to yourself in the morning and in the evening before bed. Mix with sleep and your subconscious will start guiding you easily from there.

2. Write out your targets and leave somewhere visible

You’ve already heard the research of those who write out their goals and those who don’t – so just do it!

Write a list of three or four targets for the month and put them somewhere visible. For example, maybe it’s two new clients, 100 more list subscribers or 5% increase in revenue. Look at it each day and tick off when achieved. In fact, why not add a + sign to the target? For example, the new target might read 100+ subscribers.

You’ve got to feel it’s believable though – no sense in putting a massive target if somewhere part of you says “Nah – it’ll never happen”. Somewhere between a stretch goal and dead easy, with the + sign will work well. I doubled my targets this way!

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3. Dress, behave and make decisions from where you want to be

This is the toughest one to master. Fear of the unknown keeps us paralysed within the confines of our current visible reality. When you take a leap of faith and make decisions from where you want to be, not from where you are, you are pulled forward naturally in to the new picture of you.

Dressing from the position of success you want to achieve will also pull you forward – people and your environment will respond to the subtle message you are putting out there.

Pick one or two areas of your life and business that you would like to upgrade and make decisions from there. For example, if you are a $50,000 per annum business, ask yourself, “What would a $100,000 business owner think or do about this issue?” Maybe you need to invest in new business cards, a better computer, or hire a bookkeeper. Don’t break the bank, but look at where you can upgrade to leverage your time and expertise.

Lastly, have fun with all these wealth creation woo woo tips– that is the REAL secret!

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