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Websites that work

- April 30, 2016 2 MIN READ

Bestselling author and digital strategist Adam Franklin talks with Robert Gerrish to help us demystify website myths and put us on the path to greater online success.

What you’ll learn:

Expert presenter, Adam Franklin helps demystify the online myths that hold us back and help put us on the path to greater success.

Through his detailed, and far-reaching presentation you’ll leave with an actionable checklist of tips and strategies to dramatically improve your digital presence.

Online trends and what they mean to your business

By revealing and pulling apart some of the latest research, you’ll learn where the market is moving, how fast it’s changing and how to best position for success.

A snapshot of the challenges and opportunities that exist

Through his daily work with small businesses, Adam Franklin understands what gets in the way when it comes to developing an online presence that works. By recognising the challenges, he’s able to share techniques to ensure that the steps you take are the most effective.

The web marketing fundamentals that aid growth

By analysing businesses across a variety of sectors it’s possible to distil the basic foundations that need to be in place. Choosing the ones most relevant to your situation will save you time and effort.

A checklist of the 8 must-dos to succeed online

Finally in this presentation you’ll leave with a clear summary of steps to take and clarity regarding how to begin.

Presenter: Adam Franklin

Adam Franklin is the Amazon #1 best selling author of Web Marketing That Works. He’s a podcaster and speaker and his business, Bluewire Media was recently recognised as one of Australia’s leading business blogs. He’s published articles for The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald and Smart Company. Read Adam’s full bio.

Audience feedback:

“CLAP CLAP CLAP! Thank you for the session guys.” – Adam D

“Thank gents… That was a great presentation!” – Bill B

“Thank you for sharing such valuable information.” – Veronica M

“Thanks, Adam, Robert, and Karen! Really great!” – Barry H