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Wellbeing at work

- February 25, 2016 3 MIN READ

Entrepreneur and passionate mental health advocate Leanne Faulkner shares her personal story and explores the triggers and solutions to this crucial issue to help you boost your wellbeing and perform at your best.

What you’ll learn:

Turning a breakdown into a breakthrough, Leanne Faulkner shares the lessons she learned when business pressures caused her to completely transform the way she thinks and acts.

Why soloists are particularly susceptible to mental health challenges

Working for yourself often translates to by yourself and we have much to gain by building and maintaining a supportive network. Leanne discusses the many pressures that surround the small business owner.

Signs and symptoms to look out for in yourself and others

It’s one thing to know that risks to your wellbeing exist, but how do you recognise the early symptoms – whether in you or those around you? In most cases the signals are minor at the outset and unchecked can accelerate and magnify quickly.

How to cope when business gets tough

In Leanne’s case she didn’t cope well at the start of her problems and she’s very candid regarding how her behaviour altered and the impact it had on others. Through these experiences she has created a summary of ‘what-to-do’ tips that are invaluable to us all.

Where to go for help and support

Thanks in no small part to Leanne’s advocacy, the level and breadth of support available is both impressive and growing. She discusses these in detail within the video.

See also Flying Solo’s own summary of support for small business mental health.

Presenter: Leanne Faulkner

In 2004 Leanne founded Billie Goat Soap from her kitchen table and grew it into a highly successful brand with 2000 retailers across Australia. As an entrepreneur she experienced all the intense highs and lows that come with building a business. Today, through her training business Fortitude at Work she helps others improve their mental health. She was named COSBOA ‘Small Business Champion’ and works on the Heads Up for Small Business mental health research project.

Audience feedback:

“I just wanted to say thank you for your mental health session. It ran very smoothly, but more important the content, facilitation and presenter were fantastic.” – Nikki A

“Thank you for keeping the recording available to us that missed it yesterday! I was out trying to get more work for myself! So generous your time and information and support. I’m sure all flying solo businesses appreciate this advice and experience you have shared! I had a mental health morning and did Tai Chi and meditated! Yes looking after you does help generate the good vibes to be the best you can be!” – Michelle P

“Hi all, I just wanted to acknowledge the work that Leanne is doing and congratulate her for having the courage to tell her story. I listened intently (Robert did a great job as the interviewer) and certainly got value from it. I’d recommend those who weren’t able to listen live to download the replay and have a listen. Well done team…” – Geoff D

“Leanne, thank you for sharing your story. You and Robert have been so interesting to listen to. Thanks!” – Clare N

“Both Robert and Leanne have been such an inspiration in my solo journey. Thanks for sharing your story, Leanne.” – Bron B

“Thank you so much for a VERY helpful session!” – Dave S

“Thank you both – really enjoyed the presentation from Perth!” – Bill B



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