What have words got to do with solo success? Everything.

- July 20, 2017 2 MIN READ

“Never underestimate the power of the grapevine. When I decided to start my own business, I spread the word far and wide. Maybe I have a big mouth, but it was as if by speaking the words, I could bring my dreams of my own business to pass.”

Words we use to describe ourselves were also key to the humour in this LinkedIn Effect cartoon. Imagine including every aspect of your personality on your LinkedIn profile! The alter egos certainly gave us a laugh.

What area of communication could you improve on? Share your thoughts via a comment.

Pitching to journalists and media agencies requires a specific set of communication skills that Jo Macdermott guided us through expertly this week. Her excellent column about common pitching mistakes highlighted six steps we should avoid before picking up the phone or sending the email.

Tip number six is worth another mention here: “Being long winded…is a very common mistake…An overly long pitch can lead to rejection, because the person doesn’t have time. The best pitches present the point of your story and create intrigue.”

And if Megan Hills article on elevator pitches, that prompted us to describe our business in a split second gives you heart palpitations; her two pearls of wisdom seem instantly doable:

  • Write down what makes your business special;
  • Describe the key benefits your clients gain from doing business with you.

Spotlight: Jane Heidrich

The thing that makes Jane Heidrich’s business, Wichwon, special is she helps SMEs choose an accounting system with a free tool that’s been developed by a team of accountants analysing each product’s features and usability. Jane knew she was going to fly solo right from when she started out as a trainee accountant!

New and renewing premium members

A big welcome to our newest premium members: Kong Computers PTY LTDRectron Electronics and Kittens. It’s also great to see Tradewise Global Logistics back for another year.

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One area I’d like to better understand  is the mechanics of a “word of mouth” business, like the electrical company member @neoneleterical is running  in Perth.  His question on the forums about how to best spend money to grow his business includes some excellent advice from our members that is well worth a read.