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What is your key marketing message?

- February 26, 2007 < 1 MIN READ

In my coaching and speaking business I put considerable emphasis on clarifying who is an ‘ideal client’ for me before creating a key marketing message.

It’s only by recognising who that person is and being certain that the services I have to offer are relevant and needed that I’m able to tailor my key marketing messages and actions.

Soloists who don’t know precisely who they want to target invariably waste time and money promoting dumbed-down offerings to audiences that aren’t listening anyway.

A good example is a web designer I met last week who basically told me he’d help anyone who’d pay his fees. Well, whoopee!

I just Googled ‘web designer, australia’ and came up with 4.5 million responses, which suggests a relatively crowded and competitive marketplace, wouldn’t you say?

If we’re going to stand out and get noticed we have to speak to, and connect with, individuals. Simply contributing more noise to the cacophony that already exists isn’t good enough.

So what’s your key marketing message and who do you want to hear it?

Following some discussion with John the web designer, I created a key marketing message on his behalf – something that he may choose to use as a conversation starter.

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