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What school holidays with my family taught me about outsourcing

- October 2, 2019 2 MIN READ

We blew into Brisbane yesterday. Muddy and dusty and I’m not exactly sure if it was one or two or three days ago that my kids had brushed their teeth 😬Camping will bring out the feral in you, writes Natasha Stewart.

So I found it pretty embarrassing when the valet asked us if we wanted them to park our dusty outback driven car.

Me: How much?
Valet: Well because you have a car and camper trailer it’s double the price so $90 for the night.
Me: Choking on my coffee.

I looked my husband. Don’t get me wrong, he is a brilliant camper trailer driver, he can reverse and swing this thing around with his eyes closed.

But there is one way without fail to stress him out and that’s city traffic.

Even though Brisbane has nothing on Sydney traffic, he was losing it and quite frankly, a complete pain in the arse to be around.

I knew if we had to find somewhere to park offsite and he had to navigate city streets and parking lots we’d probably end up divorced.

Me: Can you drive this car with a camper trailer into that tiny, narrow undercover parking lot?
Valet: Yeah…. I think so.
Me: You think so?
Valet: I’ll be able to find someone who can.
Me: lol ok. I’ll let you worry about that.

I’ll tell you what.

Watching them for the next 30 minutes trying to back the trailer into the parking lot was the best $90 I’ve spent.

Probably saved my marriage too as my husband was off having a beer next to the pool.

So here is the thing….

Just because you’re awesome at something in business doesn’t mean you have to do it.

In fact, saving yourself the stress, time and mental energy from trying to do it all, is called working smarter, not harder.

And here is the magic trick….

When you’re outsourcing absolutely ensure you position yourself into the profit producing areas of your business, so that $50 you’ve spent outsourcing means that you have made it back plus more on top which allows you to cover your costs and make a profit.

This post originally appeared on Natasha Stewart’s Facebook page and is republished here with permission. Natasha Stewart is the founder of Remarkable Business Mums

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