What’s eating all your time?

- July 6, 2017 2 MIN READ

When it comes to modern life, time has become our most precious commodity. So why can it often be so hard to protect it?

It’s during crazy, busy times that we most need to keep our priorities in check. And this week, Dave Gillen’s excellent column on the seemingly neverending list of new and “helpful” business technology, did exactly that.

Dave wrote: “Each time technology makes a job smaller, it should save your business money, and free up time. So where are my happy days and greener pastures?…Marketing messages that tell us “now you can do it all yourself” are so seductive that we fill up our list gleefully as if we have free labour to spare. Instead of freeing ourselves, we tie up our most important resource.”

What’s your biggest hurdle when it comes to managing your time? Please share your experience in the comments section.

To borrow a phrase, via the comments section, from FS contributor, Amanda Vanelderen, “Preach it Dave! Makes me think of a recent Silicon Valley episode where someone said their plan would fail if people deleted their app once its use had expired… “don’t be stupid… no one deletes an app”

Imagine the sense of freedom if we “did” delete the unhelpful app. And the next unhelpful one. And the notifications from the rest. Aren’t you feeling better already?

Hopefully, we can now devote our attention to actual work and a swathe of happy customers. Not unlike the soloist utopia depicted by Lucina Lions in her post for Flying Solo this week.  She says with the right ingredients, even the newest soloist can attract “an endless supply of customers”

This was my favourite tip: “Be endlessly true to yourself. … are you happy at the helm? If you’re not, there will always be something holding you back from attracting more clients, whether it’s fear, frustration, stress or just plain boredom…Are you really doing the work you love? Are you really working with your ideal clients?…”

Describing our ideal clients was also the introductory question posed to our new Flying Solo Member Lounge – a Facebook group exclusively for premium members which launched last Friday and is already proving very popular.  Come and join the discussion!

New and renewing members
A big “hello and welcome” to our newest member Avery WePrint and a fond, “hello again” to our loyal team mate Swoop Digital Marketing.

Continue the conversation…
How much  time have you set aside to imagining your ideal client? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section or  on our Facebook page.

And now for a couple of extra suggestions for tackling soloist life when you’re time poor. First up, I’ve been following a terrific discussion on the pros and cons of hiring staff (and how to pay them) for easing workload burdens. Take note of Elissa Doxey’s particularly erudite advice.

Then, be sure to checkout and register for the upcoming series of webinars kicking off on 2 August that we’re running in conjunction with Small Business Festival Victoria, an initiative of the Victorian Government. They’re a collation of tips and lessons from Flying Solo members and cover every aspect of soloist life – from starting out to staying motivated.