When setbacks are signposts

- September 9, 2009 2 MIN READ

Often when you plan to go in a new direction on your solo journey, you may face a number of setbacks. You may even deem them ‘failures’. However you label the situation, it’s darned uncomfortable.

It can feel like an implosion of the status quo where business as usual is suddenly upside down and going backwards.

Like when the subscription rate to my newsletter dropped off. Or when sales to my old programs started to fade. Or when a revamp of an old program failed to meet targets.

When faced with setbacks, the temptation is to jump in to panic mode and wonder “Is it all going to hell in a handbasket?” and “Should I just throw the towel in now?”

Before hitting the panic button, take a deep breath and assess the situation for any technical issues:

  • Did your server have a glitch and the promotional email didn’t go out? 
  • Did the postcards get buried by the wayward postman? 
  • Did your shopping cart have a meltdown? 
  • Was your audience distracted by the burning building next door?

If there was no technical explanation for the ‘failure’, then consider that perhaps this project is really part of the old you and it’s a sign to step in to the new projects, new vision, and the new goals you’ve set for yourself.

Ask yourself: what does my heart really want to be doing now? Where I am really heading? Are these programs part of where I’m going or where I’ve been?

If the old stuff feels heavy and ho-hum, then let it go. Take a plunge with the new ideas.

What happens with these types of setbacks is that you’ve been sent a clear intention for change – you’ve asked the universe for something bigger, better, or just different, and the universe is responding. Your new emotional vibration – one in resonance with your big new vision – is a different tone to your old expectations.

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This usually entails some sort of shake up as the vibrations intersect and aspects of your old reality fade away.

You’ve got to let them go!

What this looks like on a practical level is that whilst your internal emotional intention may be set – your vision is clear and you are excited about it – your physical reality takes a while to readjust. Some programs disappear, or clients cancel, or any number of calamities. Take this as a sign of progress, not disaster!

Next, it’s time to evaluate your physical surroundings and start to make conscious choices to reflect the person you’re becoming.

Maybe this means updating your website, branding and message. As you do this, the more you affirm your new direction.

What do you need to adjust and update to help your vision come in to reality?

Your website and marketing materials?
Your wardrobe?
Your office supplies?
Your email signature?
Your colleagues?
Your networks?

Just do one little bit a time and before you know it you’ll be living the new vision in full colour.

Have you faced setbacks that you can now see are signposts? Share your experience below.

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