Why being definitive boosts publicity

- June 14, 2013 2 MIN READ
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The media likes to tell strong, definitive stories, but that doesn’t equate to ‘simple’. Here’s how to make your business more definitive and in doing so – more attractive to the media.

Last week I overheard someone say publicity and media coverage were to be feared by the intelligent business owner, because media tend to simplify you. Their portrayal of you needs to be two-dimensional to get a point across quickly and clearly.

I mostly work with managing directors who are anything but two-dimensional. They’re often unique consultants. And if, like them, you’ve spent valuable time and significant intellectual effort becoming the person you are and forming the business you have, I can see why simplification would be an alarming prospect.

Why on earth would you risk dumbing yourself down in order to become better known?

Thing is, though: quality publicity and media don’t like simplification. They want to see you rich with story possibilities and ready with opinions. They want to hear about your layers and your back-story. In fact, this is what makes you an attractive and credible person for them.

What they do need you to be is definitive. But that’s not the same as simple.

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To be definitive, you need to step strongly and authoritatively into your niche. You need to know a fair bit about yourself and where your business is going. Once you’ve found that definitive position you will be in a better position to pitch your story to the media, and the media will find your story more enticing.

Being definitive is about building a strong and rich foundation. It’s one thing to be the Yellow Guy. But the Yellow Guy will build a stronger public profile if he shows he’s the Yellow Guy made with green and blue. Your primary colours will lay the strongest foundation for gaining publicity and building your public profile.

This foundation consists of the layers of who you are and how you got here, and will form the basis of all your subsequent publicity campaigns.

Carve your niche with your definitive story, and your business will more likely be appreciated, understood and respected by the media.

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