Why do you want to be more organised?

- July 18, 2010 2 MIN READ

When it comes to getting organised, it’s important to understand your motivation for making changes to be more organised.

Note: I’m talking about your own motivation, not someone else’s! (That means the reasons suggested by your nagging boss or long-suffering spouse don’t count).

What will the benefits be?

Ask yourself what benefits you’ll gain by being more organised. How will it have a positive impact on your life?

Perhaps you’ll think more clearly by eliminating unfinished ‘tolerations’ in your life? Maybe getting organised will help you with money management or time management?

Are you looking forward or backward?

Many clients and potential clients contact me for help when they’re in a state of organisational crisis. There’s nothing like a crisis to motivate people, but people in crisis mode inevitably look backward and say “I can’t take it anymore.”

I believe it’s more valuable to look forward to the future. Sure, you don’t want what you’ve got now, but can you envisage what you do want?

It’s a bit like dieting or getting fit. You may be sick of being a certain size or not having the lung capacity to climb a flight of stairs, but if you can’t imagine yourself with a different body shape or level of fitness, it’s hard to stick with an exercise program for long enough to reap the benefits.

Are you simply sick of the status quo, or can you imagine a different future?

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Visualise the outcome

You’ll find yourself more motivated to be more organised if you can clearly imagine yourself as an organised person, reaping the benefits of the changes you’ll make.

Take some time now to imagine the perfect outcome. Where are you and what are you doing? How are you feeling? How are your friends and family reacting?

Which of the following benefits of being more organised are relevant to your vision of the future?

  • More time?
  • More space?
  • More energy?
  • More money and profitability?
  • Less stress?
  • The sense of being in control of your time and your ‘stuff’, rather than the other way around?
  • Being effortlessly punctual and meeting deadlines more easily?

This article is the first in a series outlining the secrets to getting and staying organised. In the next article I’ll help you get clear about your organisation priorities to get the best results, but if you’re eager to get started, here are five ways to be more organised at work to kick you off.

Share your own reasons for getting more organised below. If you’ve already made the transition, were the results even better than you imagined?

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