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Why I changed how I blog in 2014

- October 6, 2014 3 MIN READ

Blogging is not the same as it used to be. At the start of this year I drastically changed how I teach my members. Let me explain what’s going on.

I’ve been blogging since 2005. My blog is my business, the main platform I use to build relationships with my audience, establish authority in my field and of course, sell my products and services. 

I’ve sold over a million dollars’ worth of products thanks to my blog. I’ve been able to travel the world and live what I call the Laptop Lifestyle, making my own hours and choosing the projects I work on. 

I’ve also taught thousands of other bloggers, many of whom have gone on to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. A couple have even gone on to have million dollar blogging businesses. 

At the start of 2014 though, I realised I had to drastically change how I teach my members. 

What does not work anymore 

When I started blogging all you had to do was write blog posts and people would find you. You could build your audience simply by being consistent and writing helpful articles. That doesn’t work as well as it used to because of the obvious reason – the web got crowded. 

There are so many more blogs and websites today with amazing content (like Flying Solo for example), but just having good content on your own blog is not enough. 

You need to take extra steps to stand out, you need to have a solid strategy behind your blog’s business purpose and you need to become a good internet marketer, not just a good content producer. 

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How to create a blog that succeeds in 2014 

If you are currently blogging or plan to start one, here are the changes I recommend you make. 

1. Focus

You need to have a strategy that focuses on a specific outcome. Your blog content should focus on specific topics designed to convert people on to a specific email list, which sells a specific product. Everything is strategic. 

2. Quality over quantity

I used to tell my members to write one blog post a day, five days a week. Today you should write just one blog post a week, but make it amazing. Fill it with pictures and an infographic; include video and/or audio, and provide substantial solutions to critical problems. 

3. Market your message

I used to spend ninety percent of my time writing content and ten percent promoting it. Today that ratio should be 50/50. 

When you create such amazing blog posts, you need to tell people about them! Social media is a starting point, but you also need to build relationships with other people who have an audience, so when you tell them about your latest work, they share it. 

4. Call to action 

Every blog post must contain an element that calls the reader to do something. Whether it is to buy a related product, join an email list or attend a live webinar – there must be clear and specific directions. 

Even if the direction is to share your article on social media or leave a comment, you must ask your readers to do something, and that ‘something’ should be strategically designed to benefit your business. 

5. Powerful headlines 

This is one of the only elements of good blogging that hasn’t changed and never will. You must become a brilliant headline writer. 

People do not read articles unless the headline grabs them. Headlines also encourage others to share your articles or open an email. All communication on the internet is driven by how good your headline is. 

If you focus on improving these five aspects of your blog, it will make a big difference. Here’s to your blogging success.

What are your thoughts on my above suggestions? Have you changed how your blog in 2014?

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