Why would a business owner hire a coach?

- March 10, 2020 4 MIN READ

“You need a coach” she said “they’ll keep you on track

“A coach? Really?” he quizzed

“Yep! You’re all on your own in that business of yours. How do you expect to be more than you are right now, without someone to help you” she advised.

It can be lonely running your own business. It can feel like you make all the decisions – because for the most part, you do!

If you’ve thought about hiring a business coach and aren’t really been sure, here are a few reasons a business coach might just be what you and your business need right now:

1. A business coach is someone to bounce ideas with and to talk to

Being in business can be extremely isolating. Who do you talk to? Who understands the unique issues you face? Probably not your husband/ wife/ partner or friends.

2. A business coach gives a fresh perspective

Have you ever looked at something for so long and then someone else comes along and simply asks one question that changes the course of your thinking? This is what a coach and a fresh pair of eyes can do for you and your business. The coach can give that outside and knowledgeable perspective

3. A business coach is some one who understands what it’s like to be in business – the challenges, the highs and lows

Your coach can be from your specific industry and can guide you on what to actually do. Or they may have broad business experience and assist with the business aspect of your specific industry.

4. A business coach provides guidance: how to get from here to there

A coach can help you figure out where you want to go, and what you want to achieve. Next, they can help you map out how to get there – steps, considerations, tasks, actions and what to watch out for as you make progress.

5. A business coach can help broaden your business awareness

An experienced coach will bring in their experience from other businesses to help you understand business more broadly. This can assist with growing to be a bigger business, opens and expands your viewpoint, and keeps your business fresh and alive.

6. A business coach can assist you to move from being a subject matter expert to actually running a business in your field

People are terrific dentists, yoga and Pilates instructors, chiropractors, photographers, architects etc and want to run their own business. Being great at what you do does not equal being successful at business. Business requires a whole new skill set. A coach can assist with this transition.

7. A business coach can help you with time management

This is one of the most common reasons given for hiring a coach. Many people need assistance to manage their time, be more effective and get more done. You may resonate with this …? The distractions in business are endless.

8. A business coach can help bring you clarity of purpose

Why are you in business? Why do you want to continue to be in business? What’s the purpose of having a business and being in business?

9. A business coach can teach you things you don’t know

This could include communication skills, how to deal with clients, asking for the sale, being able to give great customer service, put together processes, map out the sales cycle, identifying your client avatar. There are endless things to learn to improve your skill level and improve the way you operate your business.

10. A business coach can help you to make solid decisions

Often in business, people vacillate about what to do, toss and turn at night wondering the answer, ask others – who may not know what to say, or who might not have your best interest at heart.

11. A business coach is someone who will always be “in your corner”

They help pick you up when things go wrong and you are flat on the ground, they cheer from the sidelines when you have a win – large or small.

What is the number 1 reason to hire a Business Coach?

I believe that ultimately each of these reasons points to one overall idea or concept: commitment.

Commitment requires a clear understanding of what needs to be done, creating the plan to carry it through and then the willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed. This is where a business coach works with you as the business owner. A business coach boosts your commitment.

How is commitment different to accountability?

We’ve all heard someone say “my coach keeps me accountable.”

“Accountable” is a bit of a business buzz word and actually means “doing what you say you’ll do” and coaches certainly do hold their clients accountable.

Commitment is more than accountability. Commitment is:

  • knowing what you want to achieve,
  • developing a plan to do it,
  • following through with actions and then
  • making sure you continue to sustain what you’ve developed.

Commitment is the summary and underpins the importance of business coaching. At different times another reason may be more at the forefront of an individual coaching session. On any particular day you may need something specific. It’s the business coach’s role to understand what you need. Sometimes you may even need a bit of a boot along instead!

So if you are feeling like you are all alone in business, making all the decisions and hoping they are the right ones, then it might be time to hire a business coach.