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Why your business needs an I.F.G.

- October 31, 2014 2 MIN READ

What the heck is an I.F.G?

An I.F.G. is an Irresistible Free Gift! It’s a free piece of super valuable content that your ideal client cannot live without.

Sounds simple, right? The good news, it actually is simple! You see, no matter what type of business you run it’s a “non-negotiable” that you have an I.F.G. on your business website’s home page. This is your number one tool to generate new leads while growing one of the biggest assets in your business…YOUR LIST.

It’s amazing how often I sit down for a breakthrough session with a new client and ask how big their list is, but nothing comes out of their mouth. Whether you’re starting in small business or have been in business for a while, we all have a list we can start with…even if it’s only 10 people! Actually, one of my clients started with 23 on her list and built it to 500 in under 30 days. Not bad for someone just starting out in business.

Having an I.F.G. accelerates your list growth which means more leads and more opportunities for sales.

Over the last few months I’ve produced two myself. The first was Top 40 Must Have Online Tools For Business Owners and the second was 10 Ways To Attract Clients In 10 Days. Both of these tools have been fantastic for building my list. In five days I had 100 new contacts opt in and download my I.F.G.

Now, once the prospect gets on your list, it’s a whole other conversation about how you engage with them. Today is all about the I.F.G.’s.

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An example 

Someone said to me the other night, “Sounds great Clint, but what can I give away, I’m a dentist?” I flashed him a smile and gave him these top nine I.F.G. options, which are the most popular and highest converting tools in 2014.

1. Video training series

2. eBook

3. Audio series

4. Book chapters

5. Tool kits and checklists

6. Guides

7. White paper

8. Pre-recorded webinar

9. Complimentary consultation

More specifically, I provided the dentist with a headline for his I.F.G: “3 steps you can take each day to maintain glowing white and healthy teeth [NOTE: It doesn’t include brushing or flossing].”

As you can see, any and every business can benefit from an I.F.G.

Now it’s your turn. What’s your I.F.G going to be? Or, if you already have one, how can you make it more compelling so that it increases your opt in rate?