Working productively when there’s a lot going on

- February 21, 2010 < 1 MIN READ

I like to think of myself as an organised and focused person. I work well with action lists and I’m good at prioritising, but lately things have been spiralling out of control. Here’s how I intend to pull it back and keep working productively.

Frankly we’ve a stack of stuff going on behind the scenes at FSHQ, what with an all-new and very exciting website in development and a mass of projects on the go. It’s all good and it’s all now.

I’m going to close some doors

Pretty obvious, but not the easiest to do. As small businesses we have a reputation for not being able to say no. Closing doors on opportunities can seem like success suicide, particularly when income could do with a top up, but you’ll not achieve big hairy goals when you’re busy plucking whiskers.

Mind the gap, doors closing.

I’ll just do it. I promise

I definitely have a tendency to finesse and fuss, and it’s easy for that to become default behaviour when what’s needed is quick, down and dirty action.

In busy times you need to get action items off your desk and out of your head fast, or, reschedule them for when you have time to ponder and contemplate.

Robert are you listening?

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OMG, I’m breaking the chain

In particular the email chain. Back and forwards, forwards and back, sometimes setting up a meeting takes longer than discussion itself.

Pick up the phone and fix the meeting. Or, better still have it then and there.

I have been so guilty of this in the past fortnight it’s not funny.

Back to working in blocks

Doh! I knew I’d forgotten something. This is so basic and so powerful. There’s a wonderful thread on this in our forums where the ‘Pomodoro Technique’ is discussed.

It’s a terrifically simple time management system and it’s a cracker. Read about it here.

Okay that’s enough, the clock’s ticking.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions for working productively in hectic times?