Yes, you can turn what you know & love into an online business

- May 8, 2020 < 1 MIN READ

Truthfully, it took me actually leaving my corporate role, to figure this out. Here’s the thing. From the view inside the job, you’re surrounded by others doing much of the same. Your conditioning prevents you from seeing the full (very big) picture.

When you consider what you really want to be doing, and where to next……what’s reflected back at you, are opportunities that look a lot the same.

You imagine your future in terms of the next logical step. And that logical step is a promotion, with a higher salary and more stress.

What a travesty.

Is it possible that Covid has opened up your mind to greater possibilities?

Maybe you’ve seen others ‘pivot’ and prosper.

Here is what they’ve discovered.

The world has changed forever. How we work, the way we connect, our priorities… they’ve shifted.

So open your eyes.

Ask yourself what you know and love. Then imagine, that this could be the seed of a new business idea. Trust that it is. You may have just taken the very first step, towards the rest of your life.

Stuck on how to move the idea forward? Send me a DM and I will see if I can help you.

This post was written on LinkedIn by Yvette Mayer, online business coach & founder of Lit Up & Liberated. 

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