You shouldn’t keep it a secret

- December 5, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

There you are, blissfully working away with no boss, no timekeeper and your own unique sense of personal style, deeply immersed in the joys of solitude. But are you forgetting someone?

Whether through choice or circumstance, no matter how isolated you think you are, someone, somewhere is keeping a watchful eye on you. As we hurtle towards the end of another year, now is a good time to let your inner circle know how you’re tracking and where you’re going. 

Our circle are our family, close friends and immediate community. These people might know we work, but do they know much about our plans for the future? They witness the challenges, do they sufficiently share the successes? 

Many of us who operate primarily from a home base don’t share enough with our circle, leaving them to read between the lines. Are we bounding, traipsing or meandering into our workspace? When we emerge sometime later, what end-of-day expression are we wearing and why?

“Watch out kids, looks like Mum’s had a bad morning in the bunker!” 

Too often our nearest and dearest cop the brunt of our business. They hear about the demanding clients; the overwhelm of technology; the outstanding invoices; the queues in the Post Office. 

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It’s time we gave them more of the good stuff. So this week dear readers, please jot down all the positive things that have happened this year, the exciting plans ahead and reassure your supporters that the view from the flightdeck is a good one. 

Better still, post your wins and ideas below and share with some other people who are interested in your general wellbeing, us.