Developing your personal brand

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. If you want to stand out and attract new clients, you’ll need to develop your own personal brand.


We’re running out of ways to differentiate ourselves. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, conduct a Google search on your competitors. How many of them are using the same “unique” selling point as you?

Ultimately, that means you’ll need to instil positive impressions in your clients and prospects through your personal branding.

Your personal brand is your own unique and personal signature, and the impression it makes on those you come into contact with, whether positive, negative or indifferent.

So, if you’re literally your own billboard, how do you stand out for all the right reasons and make yourself memorable in a cluttered marketplace?

You are the package

As a soloist, you need to see yourself as a complete package and ask yourself whether that package is marketable and attractive to prospective clients.

"If you’re literally your own billboard, how do you stand out for all the right reasons and make yourself memorable in a cluttered marketplace?"

You are the first person you need to sell yourself to. If you don’t like what you see, why would others?

Take the time to clearly identify where you stand in your industry and what makes you unique. It might be your personality traits, your image, or the way that you manage clients. Don’t forget that your clients are not only buying your product or service, they’re buying their interaction with you as a person.

Are all of these marketable? Or do they need grooming and refining? 

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Let’s face it, if you’re not being seen you won’t be attracting new clients.

Networking is one of the most cost-effective ways to brand yourself effectively and generate referrals, especially if you attend the same networking events regularly so everybody recognises you.

Being the first to introduce yourself, start conversations and be the person that everyone loves is a skill that can be learned.

You can also make yourself visible by getting media coverage, business blogging and actively participating in social media websites. 


When we think of personal brands, we think of names like Donald Trump and Richard Branson – high profile entrepreneurs who always remain relevant and in front of their competitors.

Want to be highly marketable? Brand yourself as a leader in your industry.


Just as it’s important that you stand for something as a person, it’s important to your personal brand.

Know the culture of your industry and be willing to push new boundaries. Ask the questions everyone else is too afraid to ask.

You may polarise those around you into raving fans and those that hate you, but as long as you’re getting talked about in a positive light 90 percent of the time, you’re well on your way.

Just realise that criticism is a healthy part of ongoing development. If no one is criticising your work, then no one really cares enough about what you do! 


Re-invent yourself on a regular basis to ensure you stay current and relevant to your ever-changing, ever-growing consumer base.

Skill up regularly on new trends in your industry, and watch videos on YouTube to observe progress in the rest of the world. There’s a wealth of information online that can help you gain an edge.

Artists such as Kylie Minogue and Madonna have continually re-invented themselves over the years to engage new audiences. Why should soloists be any different?

Clients want to know that you’re innovative, leading the pack and the best in your field. A failure to re-invent is a failure to create the new buzz that will attract new clients.

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Ben Angel

is the author of the step-by-step marketing companion, Sleeping Your Way to The Top in Business. He specialises in answering the question, "Why are your prospects purchasing from your competitors instead of you!"

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