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21 signs you’re too busy

- March 23, 2019 2 MIN READ

We joke that there’s no such thing as too busy. Busy is the Holy Grail, so don’t tempt fate by wanting to eat a meal sitting down or say *gasp* no to a client!

But if you can’t remember when you last washed your hair and a bathroom break is a chance to catch up on your emails, you might have crossed the line.

  1. You can’t wait for the conditioner to work. If you use it at all, it’s a quick rub a dub dub and straight out. What a waste.
  2. Communication with husband/wife/partner has become a series of nuanced grunts and hallway high fives.
  3. You remember the story of the astronaut love triangle, and wonder why the lady astronaut got so much grief. Sure, she wore adult nappies to drive across the country non-stop to confront her ex-lover. She knew how to get things done.
  4. Have used laptop while on toilet.
  5. Think about faking own death. Awkward moment when husband sees your search history. Assure him you were actually looking up faking… enthusiasm.
  6. Try to use your car time to make notes to self using Siri. End up recording your drive through order to remind you of your nuggets and chips lunch.
  7. You feel sick when your phone rings.
  8. You feel sick when your email notification dings.
  9. You feel sick.
  10. Make small child commando roll from car at school drop off, no time to stop. (Don’t worry, I slowed down.)
  11. Catch sight of yourself in multitasking mode and realise you resemble a methed-up meerkat.
  12. You make outrageous deals with yourself about what tomorrow, next week, next month and next year will look like if you can just get through the next 17 minutes.
  13. You’re wearing your hectic life as a badge of honour. Would make actual badge of honour, but no time.
  14. Assess child not eating lunch most days. Paint sandwich on some cardboard and add to lunchbox. No one gets hurt.
  15. Consider hiding in hollow log and deleting all evidence of your life. New phone number, email and social media. New family optional.
  16. Subscribe to service that summarises books by smart people. Haven’t got past setup page.
  17. Think about making time to kick person in shins who explained you’re time poor because you play Candy Crush.
  18. Consider hiring someone to keep your Candy Crush going. Mum? You free?
  19. A client cancels and you cry… with relief! Boo yah!
  20. Question need for children to be bathed. Every. Single. Day. Needy.
  21. Start list of 21 reasons you’re too busy. Phone last one in.

Have you’ve crossed the line from manageable busy to you’ve got to be joking?
How do you tell?