Achieving success: Are you doing a Dusty Springfield?

- November 22, 2005 2 MIN READ

Much as we love the song, if you want to see your new business achieving success, it’s best to avoid too much “wishing and hoping”.

A colleague of mine was recounting a conversation he had with an entrepreneur friend of his. The topic was a new business venture she was entering into. My colleague told me that he had no doubt that her new venture would be achieving success as he could see the certainty in her eyes and hear it in her voice. She knew from the outset it would be a winner.

This provoked me to think of my own business experiences, both the successful and the not so successful. I was able to establish a pattern; all the times I had no doubt about a project’s success, guess what? BINGO – success. All the times I had too much of a ‘wishing and hoping’ attitude, success either eluded me completely or took more effort than it was probably worth.

So the question now beckons, how do you create certainty of your business’ achieving success without it being a mask for the ‘wishin’ and hopin’ that may lie beneath?

Check your inner conversation

A very good place to observe where your belief in your business and yourself is at. What are you saying to yourself and about yourself? Are these comments supporting your success?

Check your values

Your values are simply what you believe to be important. Are you values supporting your success?

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Check your focus

Do you have a clear picture of what achieving success looks, sounds and feels like?

Check your need

The higher your need, the lower your personal power. The lower your personal power, the lower probability of success. Do you need to prove something to someone? What does your success mean to you?

Check your knowledge

Do you have the information your need to achieve the success you seek?

Check your actions

Write a diary every day documenting how you spend your time. Is this the very BEST use of your time to create the success you want?

Check your support

What support mechanisms do you have in place? Is it enough? Is it too much and getting in your way?

Knowing you will succeed does not necessarily guarantee your success, but I reckon it will make achieving your success infinitely easier.

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