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Business vision: Remember your big picture

- August 8, 2009 2 MIN READ

Some strange soloist friends of mine are completely happy with their businesses just as they are. According to them, there’s no need to think about the business vision they are working towards. They are already there. And somehow they manage to stay in that blissful place. I think these people belong under glass and should be gazed at by children on school excursions.

I am not one of those people, obviously. While my business is going very well, I remain in a constant state of pursuit. This can be fun and exciting, or see me moaning like a pint-sized Chewbacca.

But the main problem is this: while busy in pursuit, I can sometimes forget what I’m actually pursuing. This means I’ve gotten caught up with daily demands and a black hole begins to form in my soloist soul.

Strategic plans and action plans have been crafted carefully in order to get me to that big goal. But even then I can forget (drum roll) “The Vision”. And when I forget (drum roll) “The Vision” things seem to go pear-shaped.

Business and life coaches often recommend imagining your business ‘vision’, or your big picture, just before you go to bed. This might involve imagining what it’s like having a Maserati as a ‘work vehicle’, owning a funky beach shack or creating enough profit to buy Afghanistan and fix it properly. Then you’re supposed to conjure this picture again in your mind as soon as you wake up the next morning.

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But after a few days I forget to do it. So then I put a visual reminder next to my bed. But in a few days I stop seeing it. So then I make billboard-sized collage with images and words that relate to what I want. Then I stop seeing that.

Some people say that it’s okay not to see it any more. That the dream will manifest into reality because I’ve done the collage. Maybe it will. Still, I like being more actively involved in the process of creating what I want.

If you’re the same, here are some other ideas to remember “The Vision”:

  • Put an image on your computer desktop that relates to your business vision, but be sure to change the image regularly.
  • Insert a new line about your big picture at the top of your weekly to do list.
  • Every week, schedule a time to talk about the big picture with a friend, colleague, coach or mentor.
  • Create a short PowerPoint presentation with music that inspires, and play this little creation to yourself at the start of every working day (or buy the nifty software version of this called Mind Movies).

The key for me: whatever the strategy, I need to keep it fresh regularly.

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