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How to prepare for disaster

In this video interview, I talk to Flying Solo contributor Greg Pritchard on the topic of how to prepare for disaster. For many soloists, most of their valuable information and data is kept in one place and that's the very place where disaster can strike.


After a decade delivering enterprise systems for the Investment Banking industry, Greg decided to take his IT skills and experience from the big end of town to the smaller end. Realising that while many business owners are experts in their respective domains, they require guidance and expertise to navigate the many facets of technology, software, outsourcing and project management.

How well prepared for disaster are you?

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Robert Gerrish

is the founder of Flying Solo and helps soloists stay upbeat and energised. He’s recently published The 1-Minute Commute, is a presenter and facilitator and works one-on-one with those needing a refresh. Find out more about his skills and services and his Olympus Trip 35 camera side hustle or connect on LinkedIn.


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