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Stop dreaming of the future. Create it!

In this video, Peter Crocker and Robert Gerrish walk you through powerful techniques to create a compelling business and life vision. Ideal for startups and those needing a refresh.

What you’ll learn:

Too many business owners leave the future to chance – they’re either too busy to plan and strategise, or simply unsure how to go about the process. We present the solution.  Topics covered include:

The importance of a road map

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you get there? We explain how a vision helps you plan effective marketing, attract ideal clients and nurture meaningful relationships.

How to expose your vision, even when it’s vague

Starting the process is essential, fleshing it out and adding detail can come as you begin the journey.

Applying powerful methodologies

Getting creative is easier than you think and we show you how. We explain how to align with your values and how this creates the business you’ve always wanted.

Keeping the vision alive

Once you have your route map, we detail the steps to stay on track and engage others in your journey.

Presenters: Peter Crocker & Robert Gerrish

With experience gained from running their own solo enterprises for many years, plus a decade of building & growing the Flying Solo community, Peter Crocker and Robert Gerrish live and breathe micro business.

Between them they’ve presented vision-building workshops, written numerous articles on the topic and co-authored, along with Sam Leader, the Flying Solo bestseller lauded by the likes of Michael Gerber, Dan Pink and Carl Honoré.

Audience feedback:

“Well done guys! That was great. Informative, practical, interesting and polished. Reminds me I did the vision exercise when I read the book last year… I’ll have to revisit it!” – Josie Sutton

“Your vision exercise will definitely help me to define exactly what, where and how I can go about it all – and keep me motivated.” – Lisa D

“This was very informative and I have downloaded the chapter and started creating my “vision”, thanks!” – Rebecca J



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