11 podcasts everyone’s been listening to since COVID-19 arrived

Proof we’re missing the sounds of other people’s voices… podcasts are really coming into their own in response to COVID-19 (not that they weren’t headed that way already). Data shared by platform Spotify earlier this week reported meteoric rise in listens, particularly in the lifestyle space.


Curious to know what’s been taking our Flying Solo community’s interest right now, here’s a list of the 12 most listened to episodes since COVID-19. And if we haven’t covered something you want to know about it, drop me a line: [email protected] 

1. Should I stay or should I leave my job?

Is COVID-19 quickly becoming the excuse you’ve been looking for to take the leap to your own business? Sue Parker, founder of Dare Group Australia chats to Flying Solo about how to make that big decision. 


2. How social media can get you into trouble
An oldie but a goodie, Flying Solo’s resident legal eagle, Vanessa Emilio explains to Robert Gerrish why what you say online can lead to litigation and the traps you need to avoid to do exactly that. 


3. 5 ways wealth creation is like going on Safari

Founder of Sentinel Wealth, Justin Hooper chats to Robert Gerrish a unique mindset for looking at building financial wealth. 


4. The 8 pillars of small business success
When it comes to understanding her target market. Katrina McCarter the founder of Marketing to Mums really knows her stuff. In this episode she shares her 8 pillars that determines the success of a small business.


5. The power of building your resilience with Jurie Rossouw
Resilience is a buzzword right now. Founder of Driven, the app that helps you build resilience like a muscle shares his insights. Includes some great tips for how to incorporate resilience practice into your daily life.


6. Lisa Messenger on ‘how to think big’
If ever there was a time to be inspired, it’s now! The entrepreneur has a really unique perspective when it comes to building success. And the best part of that is that she’s willing to share it. 


7. Leanne Faulkner “What my experience of burnout taught me”

Leanne Faulkner had almost overnight success with her business back in 2011, but an intense period of burnout quickly followed. Now a mental health advocate mentor for small business owners, Leanne shares her experiences so we can stay on top of our wellbeing.



8. How to homeschool your kids & run a business (without losing your mind!) 

SEO queen Kate Toon shares some fabulous tips for attempting to balance homeschooling with running your small business right now. It’s no easy feat! 


9. How to have difficult conversations about your business with your partner 

Sophi Bruce is a lecturer from the incredible resource that is The School of Life. She has some great tips here for starting uncomfortable conversations about your partner when it comes to money and your business. 

10. Me First: How to make time for yourself

Time management expert and author, Kate Christie says we need to stop making excuses for why we never have time for ourselves. In this episode she shares her fabulous process for making this happen.


Lucy Kippist

is an experienced Australian editor with experience in writing, podcasting radio and television, with previous senior editorial roles at News Corp news.com.au, Kidspot and Kinderling Kids Radio. In her current role as editor of Flying Solo, Australia's #1 website for solo business owners she is pursuing her passion for women in the small business space. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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