How to stop freaking out about speaking in public

- September 19, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

According to this study people prefer the idea of death to speaking in front of a crowd of strangers.

Gulp. Seems a bit drastic, doesn’t it?

But as entrepreneur, author and public speaking coach, Andrew Griffiths told Flying Solo the  good news is that public speaking is something we can learn to excel at.

Lucky for us, here shares a stack of excellent tips in this video.

Here’s a sneak peek at the top 3:

1.Prepare, prepare, prepare

According to Andrew a big part of the reason we feel nervous about speaking is because we feel under prepared. He recommends doing your research and writing your speech well ahead of time so you can practice.

2.Remove the ‘unknowns’

Where possible try and Google the venue to find out what size the room is that you’ll be speaking at, and where in the room you’ll be standing.

3. Get to know your audience

Always arrive early to the event and use that time to chat to people in the audience. Andrew recommends telling them that you’ll speaking and if they have any thoughts on the topic, as this can be great addition to your intro.

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