I email myself reminders for my to-do list. It works, but is there a better way?

When it comes to how we organise our to-do list everyone has a system they swear by; but what is the most efficient way to document your daily tasks and crucially, prevent you from forgetting anything? Lucy asked Robert Gerrish for his advice.


How do you do your to-do list?

That’s the crux of the question I put to the Flying Solo productivity forum and was bowled over with replies.

Seems how we organise our to-do lists is a process very close to our hearts, with everybody having a personal preference they stand-by with conviction.

For me email has always worked because I know I will look at it each day and that limits the possibility of me forgetting a particular item. Or two. Or three.

But here’s the real question: is emailing yourself a dozen times a day the most efficient process? Particularly when you then have to wade through the rest of the incoming mail to find the list you sent yourself in the first place?

I asked Flying Solo founder, Robert Gerrish to set the record straight on this question.

How do you do your to-do list? 

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