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Three elements of a successful business

Although it may sound trite, achieving success in business is not that difficult. Here are three elements of a truly successful business.


There are three elements that are common among the most successful businesses. These universal elements are the foundation of achievement, so if your solo or micro business is not achieving the level of success that you desire, it is probably because one of the following elements is missing. 


Some business owners are very clear about their goals and yet don’t do enough to accomplish them. Our world is very physical in nature. It functions by action and re-action, as well as cause and effect. Unless a lot of action take place, significant changes do not occur. 

Conversely, an individual who is proactive and productive sees a lot of progress over time. It’s not how intelligent you are, it’s about how you choose your actions that enable you to maximize your results and progress. 


Many individuals have a vague idea of what they want and how they want to achieve it, but they just aren’t clear about it. 

"The high achiever knows that failure is the fabric of their success, while the unsuccessful person gets surprised by setbacks and doubts themselves."

Not only do you need to be completely clear about your goals, you need to develop a step-by-step plan for progressing toward them. It’s not important that you have every step outlined initially, you just need enough to get started along your path. As you progress through them, you can develop the ensuing steps. 

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If you have been productive and have mission clarity, you will usually be able to outperform the average person. 

Productivity and clarity are very powerful tools by themselves, however, there are people who excel in these two areas but who still experience failure. Why is this? Basically, if you are going to achieve anything worthwhile in life, you are going to encounter a lot of hardships and obstacles along the way. The high achiever knows that failure is the fabric of their success, while the unsuccessful person gets surprised by setbacks and doubts themselves. The bottom line: believe in yourself! 

Being productive, having clarity and believing in yourself are three elements of any successful business. 

What are your thoughts on these three elements of a successful business? Are there more elements?

Samantha Hurst

is an Author (The Speedy Start-Up) and the Founder of Click Start Digital, a company that got started back in 2012 to help people start an online business. Sam has made millions of dollars online and loves sharing her first-hand experience to help other people become successful business owners and entrepreneurs.


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