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Will your Success be temporary or permanent?

In this article I explore the concept of success and provide a tool to help you instantly ascertain whether your success will be temporary or permanent.


The concept of success. Aliens would be confused.

All around us we see stories of success: what it is, what it looks like, how to get it and what it feels like.

An alien from another planet would be confused as to what success actually is because it seems to be represented differently by each cultural, societal or economic group. While many Caucasians seek tans, many Asians seek lighter skin. Many westerners want to be thinner whilst many east Africans see voluptuousness as a sign of prosperity (and in Africa, thin = sick or poor). Ostensibly “poor” westerners want more money; apparently “rich” westerners want more time.

Fashion models tell us that success looks physically tall, thin, tanned, and proud. Slick marketers tell us that in order to look successful, you must have the latest watch, car, shirt or clothing label.

However you define success, whether it is more money, more time, possessions or the latest gadgets and gizmos, that is up to you. We cannot tell you what success will represent for you, especially as this may change over time. What we can do, is tell you how to predict whether your success will be temporary or permanent.

"To test the longevity of your success, write down the following words on a piece of paper…"

Examples abound of “get quick rich schemes” and equally “quick rich” people. Formerly famous or newly bankrupt celebrities are clichéd: MC Hammer, Donald Trump, Vanilla Ice and so on. These people enjoyed a brief glimmer of success and then crashed. The fortunate ones rise again, the unfortunate do not.

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Test your success

To test the longevity of your success, before it arrives, write down the following words on a piece of paper: Money (M), Things (T), People (P). Now, put a number beside each word, prioritising it in order of importance to you. Please do this before you read on. Yes, now.

Please do it before you read on. It’s important.

There is no right or wrong answer, and your answers are your personal responsibility and your choice. However, we have found this to be a good guide of predicting whether your success will be short or long-lived.

If you answered your priorities as TMP, then your success will be TeMPorary. Things will fade in time or depreciate in value and you will find relationships may sour. Famously, MC Hammer had a house with gold gates and a gold urinal, but very few real friends.

If you answered your priorities as PMT, then your success will be PerManenT. Despite any fluctuations in assets or income, your reltionships with other people will see you back on top very quickly. Richard Branson shares this PMT priority with you.

If you are wondering what happens when you choose MPT, look no further than Donald Trump. Focussed on money more than people and things, the three-times married, four-times bankrupt tycoon has a hairstyle that would suggest he is secretly a MuPpeT.

However you define your success, I wish you the very best in making it personal and permanent.

What are your thoughts on success?

Jeremy Britton

is a left-brained wealth coach and business coach who is occasionally in his right mind. He balances life and work, has a few businesses, has written some best-selling books and is the creator of "Flick Your Rich Switch Transformations®" and "Binary Sexology®". Find him meditating on the Bali beach, on Facebook or here.


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