Morning rituals: I’m a small business owner, this is how I kickstart my day

According to the experts what you do first thing in the morning has the greatest impact on the success of the rest of your day. In this series we asked our soloist community what rituals they use to kickstart their systems before getting on with work for the day.


Name: Korryn Haines
Business: Encore Admin Consulting

Do you action/plan/do anything specific to prepare for the morning the night before?

As I work three days per week (Tue/Wed/Thu) I generally will spend half an hour Monday evenings after the kiddies have gone to bed looking at my calendar for the week ahead and booking time slots in across all of my work days with the client work I need to do first. Also any networking/training events I’m attending, I put in buffers for travel time etc. And as the kids attend daycare on those days I make sure their bags and snacks are packed and ready to go.

What time do you wake up? And how do you do it?

Generally between 5:30am or 6:30am – and it’s always by my two little munchkins – I have an alarm set for 6:15am but I very rarely am woken by it.

What is the VERY first thing you do after you wake up? If you eat, what do you eat?

Very first thing I do after I wake up is get the kids their breakfast, then they’re still and quiet for 10 minutes at least. Generally I’ll have a piece or two of toast or one of my healthy banana breads (if I’ve been organised enough to bake a big batch) for breakfast.

What is your first drink of the day? Where are you when you’re drinking it?

I will generally pour myself a cup of tea and sit at the kitchen table with the kids and write in my journal while they eat their breakfast.

What part of your morning routine makes you feel the best?

While the kids are having a little bit of playtime after their breakfast I’ve started doing a super super super mini workout where I do three rounds of squats, push ups and mountain climbers. I’ve noticed a massive difference in my energy and focus since I’ve introduced that into my mornings.

What part of the routine could you really live without?

The mayhem of two little ones but it’s going to evolve into a new rhythm from next year when my eldest starts his first year of school.

Describe your ideal morning

My idea morning would be the kids sleeping in that little bit later so that I could wake up to my alarm and do my morning routine uninterrupted – but that’s the life of a Mum!

Korryn Haines

is an administration ninja with over 10 years of administrative experience in a wide range of industries. Based in Brisbane and founder of Encore Admin Consulting, she provides virtual assistant and administration consulting services to small businesses, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


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