Processes and why we need them

- December 23, 2009 < 1 MIN READ

If you’ve ever read small business classic, The E-Myth, you’ll be aware that processes and procedures are highly valuable to our enterprises. But you still haven’t written any, right? Watch this video and learn how to get started.

Flying Solo contributor, Craig Reid – AKA The Process Ninja – is passionate about processes and has a wealth of experience supporting large and small businesses. His tips are clear and straightforward and may be just what you need to get moving on this important topic.

Aside from his consulting work, Craig is also the Marketing Director of his parents’ underfloor heating company; he’s writing a book about buying a cafe; renovating an investment property and has his hands full with three young children. I reckon he’s living proof that processes help keep the wheels moving smoothly!

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Video produced with our friends at BNET Australia.