Do you work from bed? Please don’t.

- February 23, 2021 < 1 MIN READ

We used to spend an average of ⅓ of our lives in bed. Since COVID it appears the majority of us never actually get out of it.

A post shared on LinkedIn News recently quoted a November 2020 American study claiming 72% said they worked from their bed. With one in ten admitting to spending “most of the working week” ie, 24-40 hours in bed. Really?

Just the idea of working this way fills me with dread. 

My most productive working spaces are my desk, the kitchen table, the podcast recording room at Auzbiz, and very occasionally the window table of my local cafe. Am I missing something? 

Just to be sure I checked in with Time Management expert, Kate Christie.

“My bed is for rest and reading and pleasure…my desk is not really for any of these things – although I do love working with my clients,” she said. 

Science supports this idea – in fact all evidence suggests from a productivity and health point of view doing this is a very bad idea. 

Research from a myriad of studies show working from bed wreaks havoc with everything from sleep quality (because bed is then equated with wakefulness), posture, relationship problems, neck issues, shoulder problems and perhaps most revolting of all –  personal hygiene. 

According to dermatologist Dr. Alok Vij we shed enough dead skin cells per day to feed one million dust mites and upwards of 15 million of these cells are shed at night.

And we used to think a dirty laptop was bad.