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Leanne Faulkner: “Small business is a bit like a rollercoaster – fantastic highs and challenging lows”

Business success is what we're all aiming for, right? But as Leanne Faulkner knows if it comes at a cost to your mental health then you've not succeeded at all.


The cost of business success when you neglect your own health is something that Leanne Faulkner knows a lot about. 


Leanne Faulkner from Pinstripe Media on Vimeo.

While building her thriving Billy Goat Soap business her own mental health suffered terribly. She experienced a business-triggered breakdown which eventually forced her to take time off and sell the business a year later.

“Running a small business is a bit like a rollercoaster,” she says in her Power List video. “Fantastic highs and challenging lows.”

Leanne has been nominated for Kochie Business Builder’s Power List an initiative that aims to shine a light on the people impacting, influencing and innovating across the startup and small business ecosystem.

As Leanne shares in this video she’s always on the lookout for ways to better support the wellbeing and resilience of small business owners, to help them thrive and survive.

Lucy Kippist

is an experienced Australian editor with experience in writing, podcasting radio and television, with previous senior editorial roles at News Corp news.com.au, Kidspot and Kinderling Kids Radio. In her current role as editor of Flying Solo, Australia's #1 website for solo business owners she is pursuing her passion for women in the small business space. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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