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I’m a small business owner and this is how I kickstart my day

What does your morning routine look like? In this series we ask our soloist community to share the little rituals that help kickstart their day. After all, research tells us that the way we start our day has a big impact on our productivity levels.


Do you action/plan/do anything specific to prepare for the morning the night before?

I try to review my week and plan for the next at the end of each week. I then review and adjust this plan at the end of each working day so that when I finish working for the day, everything is organised for the next day.

What time do you wake up? And how do you do it?

Between 5:30 to 6:30am if I’m going to the gym, or 7am if I’m not. I set an alarm, but sometimes my son wakes me up before this.

What is the VERY first thing you do after you wake up? If you eat, what do you eat?

I try very hard not to look at content on my phone first thing, as this is family time for me. I normally stretch, roll out of bed and then open the blinds as I love natural light.

What is your first drink of the day? Where are you when you’re drinking it?

At the moment, coffee. I am normally in the kitchen, as I make a coffee with our coffee machine while I prepare my son’s breakfast (and lunch for preschool if I haven’t done that the night before.)

What part of your morning routine makes you feel the best?

When I get up and make it to the gym, which is generally an early morning yoga session. Apart from that, I feel best if I’m organised (making preschool lunches the night before for example), as this way I can take my time and not rush myself or my family.

What part of the routine could you really live without?

The rush to get everyone to school/work – it gets frantic on some days (normally when one of us sleeps longer than we should!)

 Describe your ideal morning

It would be a morning in which there are open pockets of time and no stress. Ideally, I’d start if off with a yoga session, then sit down to breakfast with my family. There would be no smartphones or other devices in use until the work day started!
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