SUPREME EFFORT: This country pizzeria has fed firefighters for two weeks (for free)

- November 12, 2019 2 MIN READ

Middle Rock Pizza and Eatery in Port Cathie on the mid-north New South Wales coast, are going above and beyond to support the RFS volunteers who they say are ‘living off donations’ as they enter week two of epic firefighting efforts.

Local business owners of Middle Rock Pizza and Eatery in Lake Cathie, near Port Macquarie on the New South Wales mid-north coast, have had unusually busy week. 

While fires have been raging through their local area for the past two weeks, the family business offered point blank to feed the volunteers for free.  

Fellow local food businesses, like Wiggly Tail Butchers and Andy’s Chinese Take & Away and fish and chips are all supporting the Middle Rock pledge. 

Last night it was a huge BBQ and lunchtime today it’s ham sandwiches for all, with an invitation to return for another BBQ tonight at dinner time.

Ian Martin is Middle Rock’s owner and the big heart behind the voluntary operation. He’s run the pizza business for the past 8 years and recently went into partnership with his wife, Katie-Louise, who runs other local business, Baked by Katie from their kitchen.

Ian told Flying Solo

“I’m only doing what I know. Our RFS guys up here have been fighting fires for more than 2 weeks straight, they’re exhausted and living off donations at the moment.”

“I am working on my days off, but managing to keep my normal trading hours. I’ve had food donations from local butchers, the local Chinese takeaway provides some food, and rice when they need it. The local bakery donates bread daily.  I put callouts on social media for the public to donate certain foods for their meals at times,” he said.

But the Port Cathie small business community don’t have any plans to stop.

In fact, they’re stepping up their effort. 

In a Facebook post over the weekend, Ian asked the local community for volunteers to spend some time (any) to help do odd jobs around the houses of the volunteers who have working non-stop to fight the state’s catastrophic bushfire situation.[0]=68.ARApq5Tws7PnZBlJbYK1eWd65e2BD_Rwx0qU-X0iw-eikvAXzwL38CuZtYK-jIINuFlyp5Yh6cUL18FxNDotvxWh25-FOt2GeCqFqzmT3obwGYnqskVjOTZtM6EB3ONMEEnIVIfKT60I2h8TuD4OsNbP_yckJCeLBHUglKUqAyY-jd_HhyR5IwW60_1rsaku2Md3SZG8THMnLgYmEatfzF2nmLSNIQmsg8cJODay_sVlsahJeCTkDYBjuTFvIgNwZAee04y_dxqBqgYCx62qNp-kBH5DQvhMihKEEYnsei7ehSx5C2aKPApBpIFPjcMBJDA4neWu21XrTWjPp2_bSw&__tn__=-R

Ian told Flying Solo what they need right now is donations:

“I said last week when Cathie was under serious threat that I would feed them as long as they need, and I meant it. To be honest they are thankful with whatever they are provided, which is why I’m happy for the public to help. Good home cooked meals, with plenty of veg and salad is what they need to keep them going.”

Support Ian and Katie-Louise and the Port Cathie community’s efforts by donating via phone to Middle Rock Pizza and Eatery on 02 65 855566

Donate to your local RFS by visiting the website