The power of persistence

The concept of resilience may not be the sexiest in the motivational arsenal but it deserves high praise; it defines who we are and what we really value when the going gets tough.


Matthew White used a brilliant phrase in his excellent column on what adding twin sons to his busy life has taught him about business.

“This too shall pass. Just like in a child’s life, businesses pass through stages… But that’s okay …most stages pass quickly and you learn from experience to take more in your stride.”

I’ve been advised to persist countless times through the journey of new parenthood. And while it bristles when you’re right in the thick of chaos, the phrase encourages you to take a breath and keep on going.

Are you a parent and business owner? What has each role taught you about overcoming setbacks? Share in the comments.

"While it bristles when you’re in the thick of chaos, the phrase encourages you to take a breath and keep on going. "

Keeping motivated after a knock back was central to Robert’s chat with Jordan D’Urbano about the value of cold calling customers on the Flying Solo podcast this week.

Jordan’s key tip: remove the personal from a business rejection:

“I told myself every time I got a knock-back that it was not me the customer was rejecting, it was my business right now… ”

Sometimes it’s the plans that fail and force us onto a different path that leads to unexpected success. As Katie McMurray writes in this week’s article about finding her first client

“I’d been looking for a job and was upset being knocked back. My head was in my hands. Was it ever going to happen?  But there was good news. A person who knocked me back recommended me to my first client. All the reasons I wasn’t suitable to be her publicist, made me perfect for him. I was in business.”

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Got a favourite way to pick yourself up and dust yourself off after a knock back or even just a bad day? I’d love you to share your method below.

And if you’re on the look out for inspiration, you might benefit from this discussion thread started by member Dru86 who got stuck in a mental rut while developing his new business idea; his question was considered with great care and creativity by our members.  

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