Why 3 days a week working at home is ideal for running a business

- December 2, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

When you first start your business nothing beats the sense of freedom; PJs on, working from your laptop in the sunshine… But as your business grows, it’s important to keep striving for balance of a different kind. 

A recent Facebook poll told us that over 60% of our Flying Solo community spend more than 3 days a week working from home.

More than half of the working week with limited interruptions, increased flexibility for family time, organisation and activities and a real sense of being in control of your working life.

Which is, after all the most common reason for wanting to run your own business in the first place!

But as your business grows it’s important to consider balance of a different kind – the type that encourages you to connect with other people in real life.

Speaking with Cath Connell in a recent Flying Solo podcast, she rejoiced in her co-working Fridays at a local cafe with fellow small business owners, started to bolster their collective creativity.

Cath says she looks forward to Friday every week and knowing she has that contact coming, helps her to really make the most of the days she spends at home.

It’s a terrific balance that works for Cath and her business.

Davie Mach, founder of Box Advisory also shared an interesting perspective on this balancing act recently.

He shared a video on LinkedIn discussing a client he was coaching who’d spent 5-7 days a week of the past year, building his business entirely from his home.

Of course as Davie goes onto say, this was crucial to the success of starting the business,  his client was quickly discovering he needed to relearn skills like networking and sales and face -t0 -face marketing of his business – once he decided to emerge from his cocoon.

Davie says: