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Want to help your business? Become a client of yourself

Do you struggle with completing your own projects? I do! Recently I found a way to tackle the issue by prioritising goals, and I have a brand new website to show for it.


It used to be that I’d cringe every time I looked at my website. Really cringe. Not only because I wanted to revamp the copy and hire someone to redesign it, but because it was a constant reminder of how often I put my own projects last.

I’d say to myself:

         I’ll set aside one hour a day to plan.

         I’ll invest one day a week to write the copy.

         I’ll squeeze in some work around my client copywriting jobs.

And, of course, none of this ever happened until …

I was galvanised by some wise words

Everything changed when I saw two quotes.

The first: “A year from now you’re going to wish you started today”. (Yes, too true! )

The second: “Don’t spend your life making other people’s dreams come true”.

"Every client project I completed took me one step further from commencing my own. I had to find a way to do both."

Now, I love writing other people’s web copy. And if it plays even a small part in making their dreams come true, I’m thrilled. But it got to the point where every project I completed for my clients took me one step further from commencing my own. I had to find a way to do both.

So I found my way

Most people can dedicate regular time to their projects, but for biggish jobs, I’m definitely a bulk worker. Rather than trying to do bits and pieces here and there, I took a different approach.

Since I always prioritise my clients’ work over my own, I decided to become my own client.

As a client I followed the required process: I filled out the Client Brief and asked my supplier (me) for a deadline. As the supplier I provided a written deadline and made myself accountable to my partner who then monitored my project progress.

The result

My website is finally revamped and I’m proud to visit it. While I could definitely berate myself for not having started the project sooner, I’d rather congratulate myself for actually getting it completed.

And I can’t help but laugh at the fact that, if I hadn’t become my own client, I’d still be thinking, “I really need to revamp my website one of these days!”

What are your tips for prioritising goals for your own projects?

Lucinda Lions

Lucinda Lions is the owner and chief copywriter at Lion Writing. She writes persuasive, compelling and engaging website copy that converts visitors into customers. All copy comes with a 100% Lion-Clad guarantee. She is also the owner and chief tagline writer at Slogan Creator. You can also find Lucinda on Facebook.


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